Deceitful Person

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Hindu ki dukanein jala rahe hain’ in video of Delhi riots The deceit of the Left-Liberal establishment was such, that The.

How to Deal with Cunning Deceitful Manipulative PeoplePunjab to reduce govt employees’ retirement age to 58 years, give free education up to class 12 – Story continues BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh said the budget is ‘nothing but a document of deceit’ and a ‘U-turn’ on the promises made by the Congress party ahead of 2017 assembly elections.

BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh, however, termed the budget as ‘nothing but a document of deceit” and a “U-turn” on the promises made by the Congress.

Chugh sought to remind Finance Minister.

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deceit, contempt for fundamental human values – at the doorstep of the apostle of peace, dignity, compassion and brotherhood,

VIJAYAWADA: Day after day, more details of irregularities are coming out, revealing the extent of deceit involved in the ESI.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday said Arvind Kejriwal had done "nothing exceptional" by providing cheap power.

The deceit of the Left-Liberal establishment was such, that The Quint even changed its featured image in one of the articles.