Feminine Energy

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How He Made Her Feel Unsafe – However, if a woman does not feel safe in her feminine energy, she will often retreat or go into her masculine energy to.

Added Ervin: "She owed me a boy. What with all of this wonderful, divine, feminine energy she has around her 24/7, I want a little sidekick.".

If only for the glorious energy of it all. And the best part about BBE is, all you really need to do is have a BB by design.

“Years of leading with their masculine energy might get them the top position in management, but it is usually at the expense.

We all contain both masculine and feminine energy; Venus is the softer, nurturing counterpart to the more heady, aggressive.

Bringing the archetype of the Great Mother down into the heart is a radical act of looking into the dimensions of this Divine.

It also serves to exalt the undeniable power of the feminine energy and to brandish that strength as a weapon against a.