Man & Dog

What a guy The pop star reportedly saw a man struggling to collect his food from a restaurant.

Many criticising the man thought it was dangerous to take a dog as a pillion rider as it may at any point lose balance and.

I was mistaken for being homeless, a man gave me $5: Harry Potter actor Radcliffe – Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he was mistaken for a homeless man in New York recently. Describing.

Really admiring the owner’s care (sic).” Dog wearing helmet for safety in Tamilnadu. The viral video shows a man riding his.

A man whose dog was stolen during a truck theft in South Carolina found his beloved pet’s body alongside a highway. A man.

Dog Of ManAhmedabad: Man uses animal helpline site to pay Rs 10 to remove dead dog, loses Rs 74,000 – An Ahmedabad-based person lost over Rs 74,000 allegedly after he contacted an “animal helpline”, requesting them to pick up a.

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Really admiring the owner’s care.” Dog wearing helmet for safety in Tamilnadu. In the video, a man riding his bike on a busy.

A similar photo went viral in October last year showing a Delhi dog dutifully wearing a helmet on its head. Among people who.

A video clip of a dog wearing a helmet and riding pillion on a motorcycle driven by a man in Tamil Nadu has gone viral on.