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Also, certain food products need to be consumed in order to shed weight. Plant-based diets are good in lowering the risk of.

"We see that obese men store oestrogen in their fat cells in the abdomen, which has a bad effect on the heart," Gerdts said.

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Read on to know why the Indian diet is better for weight loss. Plant-based diet plan Plant-based diets are associated with.

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Shutterstock Weight loss is not easy. But if you go about it in a disciplined and planned manner.

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plxntkid - lose heart (ft. worryworry)First-of-its-kind Heart Transplant Performed in New England – Specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) recently performed the largest number of adult heart transplants in the.

Weight loss story: “My daughter was teased over my appearance, so I decided to become a superman for her!” – Two major events triggered my weight loss journey. First, I lost a very close friend due to a heart attack resulting from.

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