Gay Hyderabad

Recently, India remained in world news for Indian police shooting four dead men suspected of raping and killing a vet in the.

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Cops question gay people when they report on how men could be raped.

Sandy added that even MNCs in Hyderabad claim to be.

Dutee Chand, the dreamer who fought the good fight – It turned her into India’s first openly gay athlete. "Sach kehne mein kyun darna.

Three years ago, when we met in.

It is good that you are not marrying a woman but don’t blame women for being pissed off when they discover their husbands are.

Bangladesh Chat Screenshot from WhatsApp chat Screenshot from WhatsApp chat From the chat. While the later is protesting against the. The process of creation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is completely an "internal affair" of the Indian. The video is now viral after the ‘secular’ media and Muslim mobs have been going on rampage against